Our Lady of Leisure patterns are sized A-G, which are equivalent to US 2-14, UK 6-18. Equivalent sizes are a guide only, so please check your measurements in the chart above.

Where to measure:

Bust - Measure your bust while you have a bra on. The measuring tape should go around the widest part of your chest. (Some sewers suggest measuring at nipple-height, but this isn't guaranteed to work past age 25)

Waist - Waist height varies, but if you find the narrowest part of your trunk, you're good.

Hips - Hips should be measured around the fullest part of your bum. People often think their hip measurement is at their hip bones, this is incorrect. Your hip measurement is your bum. Find the widest possible measurement in the bum region.


What if I'm between sizes?

Generally you should size up, and then make adjustments to your finished garment. It is much easier to take clothes in, than to let them out.

However, if you are a confident sewer, all OLOL patterns are "nested" so you can cut between sizes if necessary. Use a ruler to draw new cutting lines, and remember that if you modify one pattern piece, you have to modify all the other pieces to match.