Our Lady of Leisure sewing patterns are a labour of love, but we do work hard to make them, so we've developed what we believe is a generous but fair copyright policy. It consists of two requests:

  1.  Please don’t redistribute our patterns or instruction files, including our mailing list freebies. You are welcome to share your pattern with a friend if you like, that’s what friends are  for, but please don’t post it online,  please don’t sell it, please don’t publish it in any way, and please don’t remove our logos  or copyright information.
  2. We are happy for home-sewers and microbusinesses to make our garments and sell them. We are less happy about big corporations doing this, so if you plan to make more than 100 garments of a single pattern, please get in contact so we can sort out a license for you.

Thankyou for understanding! If you have any questions, please get in touch using the contact form.