What sizes do your patterns come in?

Our Lady of Leisure patterns are available in sizes A-G, which is equivalent to US 2-14, UK 6-18. We're using this system because there are so many inconsistencies in sizes all over the world. We strongly recommend checking your measurements against the sizing guide to be sure.


How do I measure myself?

We have a handy chart on our sizing guide which shows you where to measure yourself. As a general rule of thumb, your bust is the widest part of your chest, your waist is the narrowest part of your trunk, and your hips are the widest part of your bum. Measure yourself in your underwear (woo!), using a measuring tape that is held just firm against the skin.


I'm in between sizes!

Generally you should size up, and then make adjustments to your finished garment. It is much easier to take clothes in, than to let them out. However, if you are a confident sewer, all OLOL patterns are "nested" so you can cut between sizes if necessary. Use a ruler to draw new cutting lines, and remember that if you modify one pattern piece, you have to modify all the other pieces to match.



How does this whole downloadable pattern thing work?

It's quite simple really! After you complete checkout, you'll receive an email with your download link. The pattern comes in a ZIP with two PDF files inside: your pattern and your instructions. Most computers have built-in PDF readers now, but if you have any trouble opening the file, Adobe Acrobat is free to download.


How do I print the pattern?

Our patterns are designed to be printed at home, on A4 or Letter sized paper. To make the pattern, you'll need to line them up and tape them together, but we number the sheets and include diagrams to help. Be sure to print the pattern at 100% magnification. The first sheet of your pattern has a test square which measures 5cm/2", so you can easily check that you've printed it correctly.


The whole downloading/printing just isn't working for me!

No problem, darling! We very rarely have compatibility issues, and we'll do everything we can to get things going for you, but if it isn't meant to be, we have a money back guarantee. Just get in touch and we'll put it right.



How much sewing experience do I need?

Each of our patterns has the required skill level described in the listing, so start by finding a design that you like, and then check the details to see what's involved. Our patterns are divided into Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced. Generally we don't make patterns for absolute beginners, as even our Novice instructions don't explain how to thread up your machine, or the basics of cutting and stitching. Having said that, once you understand your machine, our patterns have thorough instructions with lots of diagrams, and we do our best to guide you through the challenging steps. If all else fails, we have a money back guarantee if you find you've bitten off more than you can chew.


What is the seam allowance? Is it included in the pattern?

All of our patterns have a 1cm (3/8") seam allowance already included in the pattern. You do not need to add seam allowance. Refer to the instruction sheet for more detailed information on seam types.


Do I need an overlocker (or serger)?

No, you don't. Our patterns include instructions for overlocking (serging), but if you don't own an overlocker you can use pinking shears to trim the seam allowance. Some fabrics will fray if you don't overlock them, so we recommend testing a swatch before you commit to a project.



Something went wrong, can I cancel my purchase?

Yes, absolutely. Get in contact with us and include your transaction number, and we'll refund you. We do appreciate any constructive feedback you can offer.



Can I sell garments I've made from these patterns?

Yes, absolutely. We're totally fine with home sewers and microbusinesses selling garments made from our patterns. We're less cool with bigger businesses doing it, so please get in contact if you plan to make more than 100 of each garment, so we can work out a license for you.


Can I share the pattern?

Our policy is that you're more then welcome to pass the pattern on to a friend if you like, but please don't distribute, sell, publish or share it online. To learn more, check out our Copyright Policy.